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About The Firm

Coast to Coast Landscape Architecture, Design, and Planning specializes in creating outdoor living environments that celebrate the interaction of humans and the natural environment. 


Coast to Coast (C2C) Landscape Architects are trained in environmental sciences, human behavioral science, construction practices, and art design principles. This training allows us to create urban, suburban, and natural environments that balance the need for physical, emotional, and spiritual living. We take pride in understanding the natural ecosystems that allow our environments to regenerate and allow humans to grow and prosper. 

As urban and suburban living increases in density, the need for a connection with natural environments is becoming more important. C2C is experienced with maximizing opportunities to design natural respite in the urban and suburban environments. C2C’s full suite of service will customize a solution that best meets your needs. Our client service oriented professionals work one on one with each client to exceed the expectations of each project.  


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